About Us

Teeny Farms is one of the finest purveyors of Cherries, Apples and Pears in Chelan. Family interests have recently taken us into cultivation of plums, table grapes, and lavender as well. A variety of value added products from our harvest are on the horizon.

For generations, his family in Zahlé, Lebanon had orchards and vineyards. They helped produced some of the finest produce in the world.


Growing up in the heart of Seattle, Washington, he knew he wanted to return to the earth. Physician by trade, he fell in love with the Chelan Valley in the late 2000’s. With the sloping mountains and the green fertile earth, Steve said, “ it reminded him of the mountain of Lebanon he used to visit as a boy.”
In 2011, the family run farm was born. Teeny Farms is located in the Chelan Valley, just outside of Chelan on the Boyd Plateau. With reputations for high quality produce, High J Orchards, Homestead Orchards, Cascadian Ranch, Robison Ranch, and Chelan Butte Ranch have all become part of Teeny Farms. All from a desire to bring a Northwest spin to old world quality.